hairstyle wigs

According to the body, what hairstyle wigs are suitable for you?

★ Short stature: short stature, giving a small and exquisite impression, so the design of the hairstyle should emphasize fullness and charm, from the overall proportion, should pay attention to the establishment of the length of the impression, should not stay long hair, should not make the hair rough, fluffy. You can use the hair to increase the height, and you should work hard on how to make your clip in hair extensions look delicate and delicate.
★ High-slim body: This figure is an ideal figure, but it is easy to produce an unclear feeling, or lack of fullness. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, you should try to make up for these shortcomings.
This type of person is suitable for long hair styles, it is not suitable for high hair, and hair should not be cut too short.
★ Chunky body: short stature people should make up for their shortcomings as much as possible. In the design of hair style, we should emphasize the overall trend, and use hair styles such as short hair and forehead turning. It is not advisable to leave long waves and long straight hair.
★ tall body: the design of this hair style should strive to pursue the beauty of generosity, health and freedom, and reduce the impression of big and thick. It is better to leave simple short hair, but it can also be used as appropriate for straight long hair, long wave, hair, hair, and short hair. Don't worry about complicated hairstyles.