How to care after perming

Although perm provides more beautiful ways for women, the chemical potion used in perm is easy to damage the scalp, and the electric heat treatment will make the hair yellow, brittle, break off, and cause a series of hair problems. But do you know how to deal with perm? Blindness, regardless of him, will make the effect after perm more and more bad, and the hair will be more damaged than before. That is to say, to maintain the health of the hair after perming, the care of the hair is very important. Xiaobian tells you 8 tips after perm, which will keep you away from the troubles after burning.

1. After perming, you should add some protective products containing protein and water. You can use some shampoos, conditioners and nutritional supplements in a targeted manner. It is also a good choice for nursing oyster sauce. What should be done after perming? Below the hot hair care tips you must watch!
2, in order to maintain the gloss and vitality of perm, it is not suitable to comb the hair on the day of perm, so as not to destroy some solid hair structures that have not been completely shaped, so that the new hot hair is out of shape.
3, perm, within 3 days, please try to avoid the use of curling irons and electric curling iron, and do not shampoo as much as possible to help maintain the perm quality for a long time.
4, after perming, the correct way to comb is to use a wide-toothed comb to first comb the knotted hair, avoid pulling hard. It is best not to use a plastic comb because the static electricity generated by the plastic comb is large.
5, perm does not have to be washed every day. Do not apply force to the hair when shampooing, because the hair is easily damaged, and the hair should be allowed to dry naturally after washing. Do not use a high-temperature hair dryer, it is best to use a large air tube to make the perm fluffy without messing up the curls.
6, after shampooing or finishing hair, you should use hair styling products to enhance the strength of the curl. Don't mess with it during the drying process after curling. The less you move it, the more natural it will look.
7. When the hair is still damp, make the curls look like you want. When you apply hairspray, you can wrap your human hair wigs around your fingers so that your hairline will have a beautiful roll.
8. After dyeing, the hair often becomes dry and eclipsed, and it is easy to walk. The use of weakly acidic shampoos, especially those containing sweet almond oil, plant essential oils, vitamins A, F and olive oil, can help the hair strengthen the internal structure, not only to maintain flexibility for a long time, but also to maintain the radiance.