Proper way to maintain hair

      Hair care has its own experience, in fact, the most simple maintenance is to work hard from the diet, pay attention to nutrient absorption and balanced diet, hair is the key to hair scalp, hair is the hair growing on the scalp, the quality of the scalp directly affects the hair, The scalp has numerous sweat glands and sebaceous glands that often secrete sweat and oil.
      Due to hair coverage, heat dissipation is not easy, secretions are easy to accumulate with dust and dandruff, which encourages bacteria to multiply and hide dirt, damage hair follicles and hair, and hair maintenance needs to keep hair clean. In addition, we can also start from the diet, avoid eating too much acidic foods, avoiding excessive stimulation and increased oil secretion, leading to hair loss, white hair and orange hair. For the hair tonic, want to make up for the hair, the following describes the method of hair care.
      Thioacid foods can strengthen clip in hair extensions
      Foods containing cysteine ​​and methionine help to show off, and this amino acid is more abundant in animal foods. Eggs are the best source, in addition to beans and cabbage.
      Vitamin B6 can prevent white hair
      Vitamin B6 and vitamin E have the effect of preventing white hair and promoting hair growth, such as cabbage, oatmeal, peanuts, sunflower seeds, beans, bananas, honey, eggs, pork liver, yoghurt and the like.
      Seafood can help hair growth
      Marine products such as seaweed, dried fish, and oysters help maintain the balance of blood acidity and salinity; especially iodine, sulfur, copper and protein in seafood, which are essential for hair growth and hair growth.
      Fruit and vegetable can inhibit acidity
      Fruits and vegetables such as spinach, celery, beans, lemons, oranges, etc. are alkaline foods, which not only inhibit the acidity, but also contain many trace elements necessary to make hair, which is very helpful for the nutrition of hair.